Proven methods for weed detox

Marijuana which has been legalised by a number of countries is known to be beneficial in treating a number of ailments and making one feel relaxed. There are a number of jobs where employers take a drug test before hiring candidates which is why a lot of candidates look for easy ways to get weed out of their system. Though doing without daily dose of weed is not easy for people who are used to it but then in order to qualify for a job most of the people search online for different ways to remove the traces of it.

The tests

The most common test that takes place at a work place for testing the weed intake is the urinalysis, which is a pee test. This test in a way helps in determining the THC levels in the blood. Except for this other methods of testing the weed intake are the blood test and the hair test though these tests are a little expensive. Workplaces do not take the blood test and hair test; mostly they use the urinalysis method of testing weed intake.

How to escape from these tests?

If you have been offered a new job for which you need to clear a drug test and you are a frequent weed smoker then, has some information related to this. There are some possible hacks that can be found on that can help to get out weed efficiently and help you from escaping these tests.

  • Abstain from marijuana : The best thing and the best method of saving yourself and coming out clean of a drug test is abstaining from taking weed. Most of the companies today use the urinalysis which is the pee method; it can detect THC in urine. So if you know that you are going to have a blood test then abstain from taking weed as the THC lasts for 24 hours to a week. In case the company is going to take the hair follicle test then it can detect THC for 90 days.
  • The natural way of detox : The safest way of marijuana detox is the natural detox, in which ones needs to exercise daily and then try maintaining a healthy diet. Along with this one should quit taking weed for atleast 6 weeks. This is by far the best way of natural detox that can help remove weed in the quickest way.
  • Diet changes : Marijuana detox can be achieved in an effective way by just making a few diet changes. One should just try and concentrate on reduced bloating water and retention of water, so one should try and avoid sugar and fatty foods. One should try and focus on having more of whole grains and unprocessed foods such as vegetables and fruits. Have more of fibrous food as it helps in kicking the digestive system, which helps in excreting THC and in boosting the metabolism. You can also take supplements before the test like magnesium and vitamin B, these help in keeping the digestive system on track.
  • Sweat : Exercise is by far the best way of excreting the THC level and for weed detox. It is the proven method for passing a drug test because higher weight makes THC stay longer in the body. Some good cardio exercises everyday are the best for sweating it out and for reducing the THC level, you can also do some strength training. You do not need to work out for hours in the gym, exercises can also be done at home
  • Get hot : Sweating it out helps in secreting THC faster than any other method. Going for a sauna helps in relaxing the body and has a lot of health benefits. Eliminate sodium and lactic acid from the diet as it helps in flushing out toxins. After a heavy workout it is suggested to do a 20 minute sauna session, it has incredible benefits and can eliminate THC quickly in a few days only.
  • The health cocktail : Drinking 3 to 4 litres of water before the test and then taking a supplement of around 100 mg along with a vitamin B-12 tablet before the test can help in excreting teh THC level. This is a great marijuana detox as it helps in flushing out the chemicals quite quickly.
  • Detox drinks : In case you do not want to use the cocktail of water, b12 vitamin and the supplement then you can use the special detox drinks that are available in the market for removing marijuana. They are expensive but are quite convenient and efficient in case one doesn’t want a DIY method. Quiet a lot of reputable vendors sell these detox drinks and are best if the drug test is just around the corner.

Staying positive before the drug test

Marijuana detox has a number of proven methods that are great for erasing the THC level from the urine and you can easily find these methods on but in case you are stressed to do marijuana detox and are worried about its results then it is quite normal to feel so. Stress is a normal feeling but one needs to try and feel relaxed by following these tips:

  • Meditation and breathing exercises
  • Try visualizing the drug test; it would give you all the strength.
  • Sleep a lot a night before the taking the test.
  • Remove stress as much as possible, think positive.
  • Think about something that you would like to do after the test.

A lot of people take the weed drug test so it has a lot of possible and positive methods but until and unless one doesn’t feel relaxed no method would work. All the methods whether exercising, sweating out or taking the detox drink would only work if one feels less anxious and stressed from within. There are a number of sites like which have marijuana detox methods, so clearing a drug test for a new job is not a big thing to worry about.

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