How to hire a household employee

Are you thinking of hiring a household employee? We all want to make our life remarkably more comfortable. Arrive home and have it clean, do not worry about matching your schedules and being able to go for a drink with your friends. And also, do not worry about the quality of cleaning or washing and ironing clothes is optimal to go to work. On the other hand, if what you need is someone who also helps you with other tasks, with your children or an older person, you may prefer to hire an intern. In this way, he is not just an employee but becomes a member of the family. In this space, we will give you some tips to make decisions of this type: who to hire, how to contract and what tasks you want to do.

Hire a home employee

For some issues, it can be a bit tricky, for example, to hire someone you trust or for Social Security. First, when you are considering hiring someone, this has to be your trust. It’s someone you’re going to put in your own home, how do you know that person is going to fulfil his contract and will act in good faith? For this reason, the selection process that you are going to do must be done personally. You should choose someone that gives you a good image and that you see him committed to his work. A very positive point is that it comes with recommendations from well-known people.

On the contrary, if nobody provides you with any type of contact and you have to look for it, you may prefer to look for agencies or domestic service companies specialized in these issues. There are all types: for cleaning needs, care of people or classified by exclusivity. Once you are already involved in the recruitment, you should probably do several interviews and assess which worker convinces you most. If what you want is to look for a housekeeper, the perfect thing would be to do some kind of test with her, see if you like how she takes care of your house. On the other hand, when you have already decided who is going to be the chosen one, now the paperwork touches the inscription of the Social Security.

You, as a private person, behave like a small company. And we must be clear that this type of procedures is borne by the employer: that is, you. This is a somewhat lengthy management since first; you have to present yourself at a Social Security Treasury. We must make two different applications for registration in the SS System, one for the employer and one for the employee. Each with its corresponding data: name, address, bank account, type of contract, … We have the best Domestic Service that is for the care of your Family and Home


How to contract

We talk

We listen to your needs and those of your family; we assemble an adequate profile for the care of your home.


Meet the Domestic and Concrete Staff with which you have most identified yourself.

And enjoy

Enjoy your house cleaner and tidier and feel safe by our selection method.


We know there is no way to get home and enjoy these moments with the people you love the most. We do not charge!!

Benefits of

  • Guarantees when contacting us
  • Survey of requirement with specific data of activities
  • Interview with the Domestic Staff from the comfort of your home or in our offices
  • Rigorous Recruitment Process with our 5 security filters
  • Monitoring of satisfaction of the Domestic Employee hired
  • Placement Guarantee guaranteed by contract

Once this is done, employed-home-1the social security fee will be calculated. On the other hand, you can also raise doubts later and that is the most common. For example, how much to pay my household employee? Can I modify my employee’s contract, yes you can at

Household employee tasks

At this point, you have chosen the right person for the position and you have been informed of everything you need to start the employment relationship. It starts the first day, Monday morning. It is now when the big question comes: what do I want the maid to do? Well, you may be interested in the basic tasks of the home, so that it is clean and you do not have to worry about doing it when you get home from work. Now, as we have said before, you can also be looking for something more, that the housekeeper goes further.

We go to parties. The main basic tasks of a housekeeper can include making the beds, vacuuming, doing the cleaning of the room, picking up the bedding, as well as cleaning the corridors, the halls. In addition, cleaning of the bathroom, stairs, changing rooms, as well as some other areas in the home should also be included. As for the kitchen, it is usual to wash kitchen utensils, dishes, glasses and others.

Likewise, they can also carry out many other tasks or activities that can be considered a compliment or can be incorporated into their daily tasks. These can be cleaning carpet, upholstered furniture or washing and ironing clothes. That’s where the problem of the iron that we mentioned earlier comes in.

If you are not completely happy or if you think that your clothes could be better ironed and this affects your appearance at work, you can consider changing your assistant. However, you may be happy with the general cleanliness of the home, even if the care of the clothes does not convince you. In this case, you can go to a dry cleaner, so that you solve this problem. Consequently, we would go back to the starting point: find time to go to the dry cleaners. This is where comes in, yes. Our service allows you to forget the schedules of dry cleaners, laundries and dedicate yourself to work and yours, which is really what matters.

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