Hayday, a revelation game

The video game industry has been in constant growth in recent years because this industry has become one of the most profitable today, reaching great profits to companies responsible for producing new games that comply with the current demand for content around the world.

In this sense, the most popular games are those that we can play on our smartphones, because these can be played at any time of the day and anywhere without having to carry some kind of console that is difficult to transport. So, this facility has provided game developers with a very profitable business that only grows with the passing of days.

The purpose of these games or mobile applications is to provide entertainment to all people who have a smartphone where they can download the application. In this sense, there is a game that has caused surprise in all users of the iOS operating system. This game since its launch became one of the most downloaded games on this platform along with the famous Clash of Clans.

The game that we are talking about is nothing more than hayday, which is a game set on a farm, where the player must build buildings or pens where he can carry out the care of the animals he is buying as the game progresses. This is a completely free application that only came to the Windows Phone and iOS operating systems, which was developed in 2013 by the company Supercell.

This application had a surprise acceptance by the users of these operating systems, providing profits to the company for more than 30 million dollars per month.

What’s the game about?

This game starts following a very simple story to follow for any player: the uncle -owner of the farm- can’t continue taking care of the property, so he asks his grandson (who in this case is the player) to take care of the farm. The game develops from this moment; having that at the beginning, the farm is practically empty.

When you’re about to start playing, the system explains the first steps you must follow, showing what things can be purchased to improve the farm and how money can be produced to buy those improvements. This system is very common in a lot of games that can be found on systems like Android and iOS itself.

A feature that must be highlighted of this game is that it rewards the player each time he buys an article with which it is tried to improve the farm with points of experience that help the player to increase of level as long as it remains active in the game, managing to build the best possible farm.

As noted above, although the game system is much repeated in this type of applications, this game managed to transcend this barrier, becoming one of the best products offered in this operating system, achieving a popularity that was not foreseen at the time of launching of the application.

How does the designer of this game earn money?

Although the application is completely free, the company responsible for the creation of this game needed to make a profit to cover the expenses generated with the setting of the hayday application. In this sense, to achieve this goal, the use of special diamonds that allow the player to optimize all the construction processes in the game was included in the application.

When you want to build a building or add some decoration to the farm you need to wait a period of time to complete the work. However, when you make use of these diamonds the works are completed immediately. At the start of the game there is a specific amount of diamonds that can be used, which must be saved or it could be quickly finished.

At the moment when your diamonds are over, the application gives you the option to obtain more of these objects making use of real money which goes directly to the company that designs the game. Then, the application offers you several diamond packages that differ by the amount, happening that, the more diamonds you ask for the more expensive it will be to obtain the package.

In addition to this, the game applications usually include a large amount of advertising, which is therefore hidden on the screen where you are playing or can be used as a means for the player to get some benefit in the game, having the application offers you some object if you see advertising for a short period of time. This represents one of the most common economic strategies in the games of any platform.

Tips to play hayday

As in any game there is a series of tricks that allow players to progressively improve without having to spend real money on the objects offered by the application, which can be obtained with patience and perseverance. So, we have as main tips to follow the following:

  • Be patient, patience is a very important virtue in this kind of games, because if you do not have patience it is very likely that all the diamonds offered by the application are used for free, which should only be used intelligently in things that really are worth it. It should be noted that all the objectives of the game are not going to be completed from one day to the next, so you must wait and work with dedication to progress in the game.
  • A fundamental advice to progress in this game is to make use of waiting times. That is to say, when the harvest of some robro is going to take place in the farm, for them to finish it is required to wait for a period of time that will depend on the type of item that was chosen. In this sense you can take advantage of these periods of time by planting certain items that match the times when you will not be active in the game so you can win while you are not active.
  • You must have a balance on the farm. In this game you can manage all types of products that can be found on a real farm, having as main products those obtained by livestock and by planting. In this sense, it is important to always pay attention to both types of products, since each one provides the player with the special benefits necessary to progress in the game.
  • As a last advice it is recommended to be active in the game as much time as possible, since this will depend on the progress you have in the game. It is also important to note that you must be aware of the sowing that is done, because if it is not collected in time it can be lost, losing the income that can be obtained thanks to them.

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