Styles of shower panels for bathrooms

The reforms in the bathrooms are, without doubt, one of the works that most headaches we suppose. On the one hand, we must take into account the special character of this room, where there is more humidity than in the rest of the house. But it is also a room that, usually, is smaller than the rest and which; however, we must take a lot of advantage. These styles of shower panels make that project of the bathroom alike our dreams that mix functionality with aesthetics, is almost mission impossible. If you are looking for original coatings for your bathroom here we give you several ideas that will help you see things clearer. Look ahead for styles of shower panels. In the best styles of shower panels, the melamine panels are an excellent option for coating walls in bathrooms and kitchens. Let’s see its characteristics and placement.

Coating with melamine panels
The melamine panels are an option coating for decorating bathrooms and kitchens, protect and insulate the wall. The melamine panel can look similar to wood but is washable, protects from moisture, has a low cost and is easy to install. There are several models and allow decorating the space combining colors and textures. The melamine panels are made of melamine resin, a solid substance resistant to solvents, scratched, insulating, thermostable, which protects from moisture and is therefore ideal for coating the walls of bathrooms and kitchens.

The melamine decorates a bathroom or kitchen which is currently manufactured has various very attractive designs and also textures. To cover or, you can choose a panel with the appearance of natural stone, wood, with a colorful, geometric abstract drawing, metallic color, and so on.

How to place the best styles of shower panels

    • The styles of shower panels come in sheets that can be used to coat any surface. To place a panel of melamine it is necessary to fix the wall or surface wooden supports where the sheet is fixed with glue or screwed.
    • The procedure is carried out according to the size of the panel. Rectangular wood moldings, which are necessary to support the melamine frames so as to form a stable surface, are laid on the surface.
    • If screws are used to fix the wood, the panel must be pre-drilled in accordance with the size of the screw to be used.
    • Through this procedure, the surface is coated in all its volume and extension, being able to make a fine finish with wooden moldings or baseboards in different materials that combine with the design and texture of the chosen melamine panel.
  • It should not be forgotten that this material is plywood; therefore the singing should not be visible. If this is necessary to cover an irregular surface, then it is necessary to use a melamine cap. To place it, the material adheres to the surface and then the excess is trimmed using a ruler and a cutter. In order to achieve a better finish and softness to the touch, and the edge of the cap with a fine sandpaper.

In this way, you can make a resistant coating in kitchens and bathrooms that lasts many years in perfect condition. If you choose a melamine panel of high quality and good design, you can rest assured that you have decorated the bathroom and the kitchen with an excellent high-performance material. Did you already know that paneling walls are the latest fad of fashion and functionality, which offers this decorative option that gives space to creativity. In this book of ideas, we show you types of wall panels and tell you best destination of each material, its reason for being and its advantages.

Do you want different styles of shower panels in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the room? The versatility of this resource offers solutions to every need. The advantages are counted with both hands. Some of them are the thermal and acoustic improvement of the interior spaces; the practicality of placement, the relatively accessible price, the highly aesthetic finish, to mention just a few. Go to see the variants of styles of shower panels that are the plywood, the drywall, the wood, the tile, and I chose which siding looks best in your environments. Other styles of shower panels are;

Ceramic panel
Wall panels are easy to install, even if we are talking about ceramic panels. It is that, unlike the traditional placement, the panels are manufactured in plates of standard measures or made to order, simplifying any placement disorder. The panels, unlike any other typical coating, hardly require labor. Therefore, although the cost varies according to the material, it will always be reduced, as it will not take two or more masons to place it. It also solves the issue of dirt, dust, waste.

Drywall and rack
In some cases, the panels are designed with specific attention to the electrical installation that demands an environment. It is common to see walls covered with drywall in commercial premises with sophisticated lighting. In these cases, a type of wall panel called a rack is usually also used. In both cases, the lightness of the materials greatly facilitates handling and placement, whatever the complexity of the environment in question. Anyway, these panels are far from being exclusive of public spaces or commercial rooms; On the contrary, they are increasingly used in livings and bedrooms.

Sheet metal panels
The sheets of sheet metal are a classic in panels and coatings. As we can see in the image above, of SQL Kitchen Furnishings, they are ideal for kitchens because of the neat appearance and the ease with which they are cleaned. Anyway, the sheet offers infinite motifs, colors, and finishes. It should be noted, if you choose a panel of gray veneer for your kitchen, that you will not only be fashionable in terms of coating, but also in terms of color since the tendency to decorate in grayscale will continue for a long time longer.

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