Playing video-games can bring to your life to real fun

Today we are going to talk about a very important advantage that playing video-games can bring to your life and physical and mental health, yes, you read well, is not necessarily true that playing video-games means wasting your time and destroying your brain, actually it can be the opposite but just try not to abuse on anything so you won’t get hurt, Let’s begin then. One such web site is Kizi and you will find end number of games here. With so much of choice, you will not be sure, what to select and what to leave. There are many options at kizi which will make you spoilt for choice and that makes it an attractive option. So visit this website with friends and have good time and reduce your stress levels completely.

It turns out that all kids who grew up playing video-games ever heard their parents saying “you are going to go blind if you keep watching that screen all day long!” and yes, actually after several hours playing, you got red eyes and blinking and maybe you thought at some point: “Well, it seems they got a point”, if you watch carefully, you will notice that we trend to blink with less frequency when we are playing a video-game, this can cause eyestrain and dry eye, That sounds bad I know…

Anyway, some time ago, some scientists tried to establish if playing video-games could ruin your eyesight or at least worsen your vision, what did they find? Let´s dive into this now:

When they asked a group of experienced gamers to play a recognized shooter title, while other more casual players played a somewhat slower title. After a few hours, the researchers found that those who played the fastest title (shooter) showed obvious signs of having a better vision than the other players who served as the control group in the investigation.

The scientist actually discovered that by playing the action games at kizi improves your ability called the contrast sensitivity function. And this ability will help you to discern between the changes in the shades of gray and against colored backdrop that is beneficial when driving vehicle when it is foggy and dark.

so it seems that if we take basic precautions, such as withdrawing from the screen at least two or three meters, blinking to lubricate the eye or use external lubricants, interrupting for a while the games session to close the eyes and get some rest, etc. It might be that our vision, far from being affected, it actually improves and strengthened for our good. This is not a small thing, remember that the eyesight is the dominant sense in most of the people and any problem with it will negatively impact one person life’s quality. Gaming can add fun to your life.

So, don’t be afraid and go to kizi and get a lot of fun, just use your common sense and take care of your eyes.